HDMI (4K) 4x1 Quad Multi-viewer w/ IR - Universal Serial Bus ( USB )

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HDMI (4K) 4x1 Quad Multi-viewer w/ IR

KVM , Splitter & Switch
4K HDMI  4*1 Video Segmentation
User manual
 1. Description
  • HDMI  Video Segmentation enables four sets of HD Video sources to be rendered on the same screen.
  • At the same time, it supports the free switching of audio and video.
  • Able to adapt to a variety of complex application environments.
  • The device has excellent image processing and transmission capabilities.
  • It makes the output signal more smooth and stable.
  • It is a reliable, high performance and high efficiency HDMI video switching mode.
  • Allows 4 different HDMI devices (computer, laptop, DVD player, console, etc.) to be displayed on the same screen (TV, monitor, projector) simultaneously.
  • The highest resolution of HD video signal can be up to 4K*2K@30Hz,Compatible with HDMI 1.4
  • 5 display modes provide additional variety in display options.
  • Transmit HDMI signals up to 100 feet without loss of image quality. Plug and play, no drivers required;
  • Supported video resolutions - 1080P (60Hz and 30HZ)/1080i/720p/576p/576i/480p/480i;
  • Supported audio formats - PCM 2.0, not supported: Dolby Digital and DTS; USB 2.0.
  • Support remote control, such as seamless full-screen switching, sound switching, resolution selection, and PC selection;

Audio Key:
In split mode, press this key to select the current signal source that needs to send audio.
1080p/4k Key:Press this key to select the current video resolution.
Switch Key:
In split mode, press this key to switch the mouse, keyboard, U disk, printer, etc. on the USB to the PC that needs to be operated, and the above indicator light will also indicate which PC your USB interface device is currently using.
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