Car Power Inverter 150W - Universal Serial Bus ( USB )

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Car Power Inverter 150W

Battery & Power Supply
Product description:

The 150W Car power inverter is designed to convert your car cigarette lighter's DC12v power to 220V, 150W AC power, then you can simultaneously power and charge your notebook, mobile phone, iPod, digital camera, DVD players, and so on, through the cigarette lighter outlet in your car. The inverter includes a cigarette lighter adapter and one AC outlets, and one USB port, which can provide up to 150 watts of power. The mobile inverter includes built-in surge protection and features an automatic shut-off to preserve battery life and prevent damage. Its compact design allows it to lay flat on any surface virtually. Make your life more easy and convenient.
Product Specification & Feature :

Convert your car cigarette lighter DC12V power to 220V, 150W AC power
Auto alarm warns of low battery level prior to auto shut down
The output of the product is a universal socket, which can be used in many countries
Car Power Inverter with USB port that can connect to all major brand notebook computers, digital portables like video camcorder, digital camera, DVD player & etc
Fits all standard vehicle cigarette lighter sockets
Built-in sense chip &cooling automatically system. Overload, overheat, short circuit, reverse connection and under voltage protection technology gives user complete protection
Can automatically switch off when the voltage of the car battery is low of 10V, so that your car can normally start
The newly-added USB output socket can be directly used to charge for MP3 and mobile phone
With power On/Off switch and power LED indicates the working status
Input Connector(s) : 1x car cigarette lighter adapter. Output Connector(s): USB port: USB port X1 /AC socket : AC socket x1
Rated Input Voltage : DC 10-15V
Input Voltage : 12V DC
Output Voltage : 220V +/- 10%
Power Rating : 150W
Frequency : 50Hz or 60Hz
Max. Power : 300W
MAX Efficiency : >90%
Consumption (No Load) : <0.25A
Input Low Voltage Alarm : 10.4--11.1V
Input Over Voltage Shut Protection : 14.5--15.5V
Input Low Voltage Shut Protection : 9.7-10.3V
Lower Voltage Stop : 10V +/- 0.5V
Over Voltage Stop : 15V+/- 0.5V
Protect Temperature : 50¢°C +/- 20%
Output Wave : Modified Sine Wave
Indicator : Dual color LED indicator (Green-operation, Red-shutdown)
Operation Temperature : 0 to 40 Degree Celsius
Built-in Fuse : 20A
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