HDMI to YPbPr / VGA Converter - Universal Serial Bus ( USB )

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HDMI to YPbPr / VGA Converter

Converter w/ AC power
HDMI to YPbPr / VGA + Digital & Analogue Audio Converter
HDMI input to YPbPr (Component video) or VGA output with Audio (RCA & S/PDIF)

Video output only can be one at the same time: YPbPr or VGA.
•Audio output can be both multi-channels S/PDIF and RCA R/L analogue.
•Supports up to 1080p resolution on input & output.
Transmission Bandwidth: 5.1Gbps
Resolution: up to 1080 i/p
Power Input:: 5V / 600mA
Input / Output Cable Length: Max. 5 meters
Converter Size: 178 x 71 x 27 mm
Converter Weight: 335 gram (Metal frame);
Package includes: 1 x Converter
1 x AU 5V Power Adapter

Please note: This is for YPbPr output, not for RCA AV out. Although they are all RCA connections, YPbPr has 3 cables for Video (usually is Red / Blue / Green colour sockets) and RCA AV has 1 cable for Video and 2 for Audio (usually is Yellow / Red / White sockets).

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